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Enhanced Accounts

The Enhanced Webmail pushes collaboration even further by allowing better integration of your team's working data.

You can:

  • Synchronize your mobile devices
  • Work on online documents ( text, spreadsheets, etc ) directly from your computer
  • Synchronize your desktop applications ( Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, iCal, etc )
  • Maintain a web-drive, accessible as a local drive in Windows or other OS's
  • Share files with your colleagues or other

The first step in using the Enhanced Webmail, besides having hired at least one enhanced account, is to configure the DNS:

  • Choose the address you wish to use for accessing the Enhanced Webmail. It could be or
  • Within your DNS, create a CNAME with the name you chose, and forward it to:
  • You are now ready to access the Enhanced Webmail by going to:
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