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h1. Webmail Client

You can access our Basic Webmail client (Atmail) by going to:


We're currently beta testing AfterLogic WebMail Pro, which might become our new default WebMail for basic accounts.

You can test it at [] and please give us your feedback. A video tutorial is available [here|].

Alternatively, we also offers several light-weight open-source webmail clients:

*Atmail v5:* []

*Roundcube:* [|]

*Squirrelmail:* [|]

*Horde/IMP:* [|]

{color:#333333}You can choose your preferred{color} {color:#333333}{*}Default WebMail{*}{color} {color:#333333}in{color}{color:#333333} {color}{color:#333333}{*}Domains > Edit{*}{color}{color:#333333} {color}{color:#333333}section of the Admin Panel, assuming{color} {color:#333333}that you have{color} [pointed the webmail CNAME properly|]{color:#333333}.{color}