The CalDAV / CardDAV features are available only for Enhanced mailboxes.

Due to a bug in Android 12 some phones started to delete contacts via Microsoft ActiveSync. Therefore, GroupOffice has implemented a new CalDAV / CardDAV setting that disallows deletes via sync by default now. More info on the bug can be found here:

Because this option is disabled by default, you might now receive this error in your CalDAV / CardDAV client:

Deleting is disabled by user sync settings

To enable delete via synchronization:

  • Go to the Webmail
  • Log in using your full e-mail address and your current e-mail password
  • Click on the User icon from the top right to activate the menu. Then click on My account 


  • In the Synchronization tab, find the Allow delete via synchronization section.


  • Enable the feature using the checkmark
  • Click on the Save button.

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