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PolarisMail WHMCS plugin is designed for white label e-mail hosting resellers. This module offers the possibility of selling PolarisMail accounts directly from the WHMCS interface and lets WHMCS users integrate directly with our management interfaces.

1. Sign up as a Reseller

To sign up as a Reseller, go to our registration page and sign up for a free trial. Choose at least one Basic account as you can update your plan at any time in the future.

During the free trial, you can proceed to setup the WHMCS plugin and test our services to get to know us better. The username and password you choose at sign up will be used to setup the plugin (step 3.1. Server Configuration).

To become a Reseller, send us a request from our Become a Reseller page and tell us more about your business:

  • are you just starting out or are you already into selling e-mail hosting business, 
  • how many accounts do you need at first
  • how much storage do you need for each mailbox - in case you plan to offer different sizes
  • how much storage do you need in total (for all mailboxes)

Our sales team will get back to you with an offer customized to your needs.

2. Installation

  1. Download the PolarisMail WHMCS plugin
  2. Unzip the file polarismail_whmcs.tar.gz
  3. Upload the folder "polarismail/" _to your WHMCS install _"modules/servers" folder

3. Setup

3.1. Server Configuration

Log in to your WHMCS, press 'Setup' -> 'Products/Servoces' -> 'Servers'. Press 'Add New Server'.

Next, enter your server name (polarismail). Type in your username and password used to login in to Polarismail server and use for hostname.

Choose 'Polarismail' from the dropdown menu and press 'Save Changes'.

After you configure your server correctly, you will see the following screen:

3.2. Product Configuration

In order to create and configure product, click on 'Setup' -> 'Products/Services' -> 'Products/Services'.

If you do not have a product group, click on 'Create a New Group'.

Enter product group name and press 'Create Group':

When you have a product group, you can create a new product and assign it to PolarisMail.

Afterwards, choose your product type and product group from dropdown menus, enter your product name and press 'Continue'.

Now go to 'Module Settings' section, choose both 'PolarisMail' and your previously created server group from dropdown menus.

Afterwards, define settings of the module and press 'Save Changes'.

Make sure to select the Setup type that best corresponds to your business logic! At order time, after payment is received or upon manual approval of the order.

Create a product configurable option at 'Setup' -> 'Products/Services' -> 'Configurable options'.

Configurable Options allow you to fine-tune the products that you will be selling to your customers. You should create one Product and one associated Configurable Options Groups. If you want to have two Products, there should be two Configurable Options Group, etc.

Each group must have the options below which specify how many Basic mailboxes, Enhanced mailboxes, Mailbox Quota, Total Aliases and Total Distribution Lists, that product will have.

You could for example have one Product which sells 1 basic mailbox with 5GB of storage space, 0 enhanced mailboxes, 1 alias and 1 distribution List, another Product which sells 5 basic mailboxes, 10GB of storage each, 0 enhanced mailboxes, 10 aliases and 10 distribution lists.

Create the following configurable options and assign them to the Configurable Options Group you just created:

  1. Total Mailboxes
  2. Total Enhanced Mailboxes
  3. Mailbox Quota (GB)
  4. Total Aliases
  5. Total Distribution Lists

For each option, make sure to edit it and set the proper quantity that you wish to offer with the product. For example, you might set Total Mailboxes to 1, in order to offer only one mailbox in this product.

You must set a value for each option, even if it's 0.

3.3. Management of Admin Area

Edit configurable options values. 
Module commands:

  • Create
  • Suspend/Unsuspend
  • Terminate
  • Change Package
  • Login to Control Panel

PolarisMail allows your customers to manage their e-mail accounts from your WHMCS client area. This is how it looks like in the client area.

3.4. Manage Accounts

Accounts page enables you to manage existing accounts, edit and create new ones within defined limits.

Press 'Add Mailbox' to create a new account. As you can see on the screen below, you can define details of account owner:

3.5. Manage Aliases

Aliases enable you to use additional address for the same e-mail account.


Any alias can be quickly removed through pressing the 'Delete' icon.

3.6. Manage Distribution Lists

Distribution lists enable you to create and manage them without the necessity to log into PolarisMail panel.
You can create them in the same way you would do it in PolarisMail panel.

If you made a mistake while creating a list, you can quickly edit it or remove it completely.

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