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Welcome to Emailarray Support Documentation!

This wiki is your guide to setup any Basic, Enhanced or Exchange e-mail account.

Here you can find answers to frequent asked support questions and how to troubleshoot common e-mail issues.

PolarisMail is your email hosting provider

Frequently Asked Questions
 Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Our e-mail services have 30 days free trial, with unlimited usage and you will be notified before the trial ends. You will not be charged during this period and you can cancel at any time during this period.

However, we will ask you for your credit card information at signup. To avoid spam accounts while offering you unrestricted access to our services, we need to verify that you are a real person, with a valid card. PolarisMail will attempt (and release) a 12$ charge to validate your card. However, we won't charge your card during the 30 days trial and you will be notified before the trial ends.

 Am I tied to a contract?

No. PolarisMail is a monthly subscription service and as such can be cancelled at any time. You can choose other prepayment options, such as 3 months, 6 months or yearly. All subscriptions are non-refundable.

 Can I migrate my existing emails? Will I experience any downtime?

Yes, you can migrate existing emails to us. Our support team can help you transfer your inbox from other providers to the new mailbox with no downtime.

To request an email migration, first create the mailboxes on our side and then email Support with the following information: source provider or source server, email address and email password (you can setup temporary ones). If you have multiple mailboxes you can attach this information in a *.CSV file.

 What is the setup and migration cost?

Our Support team is available to help if needed, at no additional cost.

 Is there an app to support e-mails on my phone?

You can use any native mail app your phone has and add your Emailarray account.

Access to PolarisMail Space

PolarisMail Space

 Billing Panel

View and update billing and subscription details, download invoices.

* If you haven’t been moved to the new Billing Panel please send a request to

Login here using Admin username or signup e-mail.

 Admin Panel

Add and edit email accounts, aliases, distribution lists, view incoming logs and archive.

Login here using your Admin username (could be the same as your signup e-mail if you didn't specify something else).

 User Panel

Access advanced settings for your e-mail address: forwards, backups, delivery rules, spam settings, last logins.

Login here with your full e-mail address.


Your personal drive at Emailarray. Upload, attach, share files from the cloud.

Login here using your Emailarray e-mail address and password.

 Reseller Panel

Create new Admins, change branding for your Reseller account and troubleshoot your customer's mail issues.

Login here with your Super username (could be the same as your signup e-mail if you didn't specify something else).

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