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If you need to migrate mailboxes from different providersa previous provider, first create the mailboxes on our side and then send an email to Support e-mail to Support (or open a ticket) to request a migration.

You can also schedule a migration during your out-of-office hours - send the request at least 24 hours previous to before the wanted time -frameframe (and at least 48 hours before a weekend migration).

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create the mailboxes on our side from your Administrator Panel or WHMCS. 
  2. Collect the necessary info from the existing email e-mail service: IMAP server address, current passwords (or of each e-mail address (check if you can set up temporary ones just for the migration).
  3. Send your migration request by emailing by e-mailing Support with the following information: source email address, source email password,
    • the e-mail address
    • the password for the e-mail address with the previous provider
    • source IMAP server address of the previous provider


      Please make sure you have the correct passwords for each e-mail address.

  4. For migration of multiple mailboxes, you can attach a CSV file with these details. Click here to download a template CSV file.
  5. Our team supervises the migration and lets you know will update the ticket once it has been completed. The migration duration of migration depends on the mailboxes' total size of the mailboxes, the original mail server's speed, and the already scheduled migrations - but it's usually completed in less than 24 hours.
  6. Update the DNS records (MX, SPF, DKIM, webmail, etc.) for the domains to point to our servers ( use the information in this guide: DNS Configuration).
  7. Our team does another sync to make sure we transferred everything was transferred over.
  8. Setup your email e-mail clients to use the new IMAP and SMTP hostnames (. You can use the information in this guide:  Servers & Ports).

We do a two-step migration: before and after you change changing the MX records to make sure everything is transferred over.
titleContact and Calendar Migration

We can also import your Contacts and Calendar. To request this kind of migration, email Support attach the exported *.vcf files (for Contacts) and the *.ics files (for Calendar) in the Support ticket.

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