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The Admin Panel allows you to personalize the name and logo being displayed in the Webmail. Regular mail services (IMAP, SMTP, POP) are offered through the anonymous domain

The branding applies to the Webmail interface.

It is also possible to set a different sender for Spam reports sent by the system.

To update the branding for your account:

  • Go to the Admin Panel

  • Log in using your Admin username and password.
  • Click on Branding in the menu bar
  • Update the fields
  • Click on the Update Settings button to save the changes.

How to set branding for your email hosting account

Company Name: Enter your company name - it will be displayed as the Webmail page title in the browser

Company Web Link: Enter the link to your website

Support e-mail: Enter the e-mail address used as the sender for Spam Reports

Company Color: Change the primary color for the Webmail to customize the look and match your own branding guidelines

Default Logo: Notice the required file extension is  *.GIF, and the size of the logo must be 210px x 35px. You have to publish your image to a web server via FTP (you can upload it on your website, too) and make sure the image is publicly accessible. For a quick check, you should be able to see the logo when pasting the URL in a new incognito window in your browser.

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